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Civil war era 19th Century bound Sheet Music american , german published sheets For Sale

 Civil war era 19th Century bound Sheet Music american , german published sheets

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Civil war era 19th Century bound Sheet Music american , german published sheets:

this sale is for one authentic mid 19th century bound sheet music book . Thesheet music dimensions are 13 1/4 inches by 10 inches wide green hard cover with inert marks the spine has a gold leaf like design with the initials S.C. Baker and the word music for a private library or any library ...the 200 or so pages (27 of the pages are big lettered cover or ad about 25 are actual song title pages )some have foxing and all typical aging of paper the paper is perforated from the plates being pressed upon them. the aging doesnt really hurt the visibility or beauty of the lithography this book is as is .the civil war era print alone isa worth Buying this , i took this to a skinner hosted event in plymouth mass last year and the appraiser said the sheet music was from 1850's to early 1860's. This book has a good story it wasdiscovered in a wooden box inside an old barn i was cleaning out for a friend of mine ,in the cornerof the barn , stuff was stacked on it from the early 1930's.so it was untouched for a long time there were other books from the 1800's as well ,from 1850's -1890'.The number system goes 1-30 they represent when the cover page starts for the sheet music.#1 National Melodies 1861 published by s.t gordon #2 LA MARSEILLAISE- ARRANGEMENT -F. BEYER PEARSON ENGRAVING3 TOTAL PAGES #3 "SONGS WITH OUT WORDSFELIX MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY WITH FINGERING 2 SIDED -AD -WORK N0. 42 -G.D.RUSSEL & CO. 126 TREMONT ST BOSTON MASS GREEN ENGRAVING. #4 "LIEDER OHNE WORTE" FOR PIANO FORTE BY FELIX MENDELSSOHN- AD-Boston Published by Oliver Ditson & Co -277 washington st "Six songs without words" book 5th op. 62-plate number 70 - 83 15 pages page fifteen has ad on back for felix mendellsohns Songs without etc. #5) 43 Clavierstucke Fur Die Jugend - Robert Shumann op68 in 4 nos. -BOSTON PUBLISHED BY RUSSELL AND TOLMAN 291 WASHINGTON ST GREENE ENGR. PLATE NUMBER 1731 ON BOTTOM OF ALL 14 PAGES TOTAL PAGES ARE NUMBER ON TOP 16-29 THE SONGS ARE A)LITTLE STUDY, B) SPRING SONG c)FIRST LOSSd) LITTLE MORNING WANDERER e)REAPERS SONG f) LITTLE ROMANCE g)RURAL SONG h)ANDANTE i) RONDO J) HORSEBACK PIECE ALL SONG TITLES HAVE A GERMAN TRANSLATION UNDER EACH NAME FOR SONG . #6 ) 43 PIANO PIECES BY ROBERT SCHUMANN -OP. 68 -BOSTON RUSSELL AND RICHARDSON 291 WASHINGTON ST SUCCESSORS TO G.P.REED & CO AND N. RICHARDSON. #7" Little Peoples Song" page 9 plate 1731 #8 "The Happy farmer "page 10 plate 1731 #10 "Blutter und bluthen 10 characterftucke fur piano fritz spindler plate number 1914 -- lith. anst.v.c. groder, liepzig -stamped on bottom is the store beer and shirmer 701 broadway newyork Songs"Frulingsboten " pages 3-5. #11 'Der Operncarten 4 Leichte Tonstucke - Uber die beliebtesten Operumelodien fur das piano forte Theodor Oeston op 164- liepzig, Rob. Forberg- store stamp on bottom Scharfenberg & luis new york. plate number 24 pages 3 - 5. #12 Sylphen Leichte Tanzweisen fur piano von Fritz Spindler op. 93 p.r 20 sgr -e,e,c,l, plate number 1186 pages go from lith cd roder leipzig marked store sharfenburg & luis newyork and german mark e,e,c,leuckhart. 2-3. #13 Weisenblumen 12 Stucke fur das piano forte " Seiner gabriele and hildegard "geroidmet von fritz spindler -work 65 heft pr.15 -leipzig bei C.F.W. Siegel plate numbers 836, 837 pages 3- 9 sharfenburg& luis newyork store mark on bottom. #14 selection from fritz spindler piano compositions op.43 op. 123 etc "gazelle" op.123 no.5plate number 3316 pages 3-5 - boston henry tolman & co 291 washington st successor to russel and richardson .#15) Tone Blossoms Characteristic Piecesfor the piano by fritz spindler op.43 - boston, russell& tolman 291 washington st the song is Alpine Rose , pages 3-5 plate numbers 2324 f. gockeritz engraver. #16 )same as number 14 cover page plate 3778 pages 3-5 f. spindler .Predludes from the "WELL TEMPERED CLAVICHORD " J. Sebastian Bach " fingered by Ch. Czerny prelude 1-48 plate 724 pages 2,3 with scales on back of page 3- G.D. Russell & Co. 126 tremont st boston # 17) selections for piano from JEAN SEBASTION BACH 8 different listed on page boston G.D. russell & company 126 tremont st boston opposite park st . plate numbers 762 pages 2- 3 .#18) collection de pices favorites pour le piano schumann, gade mozart chopin hiller etc 12 favorites listed - boston g.d.russell &Co.126 tremont st opposite park st greene engraving. plate number 360 pages 2-5 "marche turque- mozart. #19 complete edition of Mozart Sonatas for the piano forte and says reprinted from from the german subscription copy -boston -O. DITSON & CO., 277 Washington st .mozart sonatas number vi pages 3 - 12 plate numbers 79 - 87 , page 12 as an ad for the oliver ditson company . #20) Drei AlpenFantasien uber beliebte gebirgslieder fur piano forte componirt von "Theodor Oeston" op. 246- leipzig, C.F.W. Siegel , lith, c.o. roder ,lpzg. plates 2396 pages 1-7 #21) Vierblumenstucke in liederform fur das piano forte no.1 -n0.4 -D. KRUG op.151 no.pr12 1/2 Ngr. Liepzig c.f.w. siegelas seen in pic above store stamp of "beer and schirmer" 701 broadway newyork. plate 2117 pages 1-7. #22) 7tes Volkslider Album fur das Piano Forte ubertrgon von D.KRUG op. 148 braunschweig, bei C. Weinholtz - sharfenberg & luis store stamp.pages 4-5 . #23 Beautesde Mozartet beethoven en forme de Petites fantaisies theodor oesten - published by chez n simrock as pictured above pages 1-7 plate number 5493. #24 "OEUVRES " pour piano par j egghard published by imprimerie de j.b. wallishausser a vienne -ad- sharfenburg &luis newyork jules eggard op.127 la pouvre orpheline plate 17698 pages 1-9 . #25) "Reve Angelique" Berceuse pour par Sydney Smith op.37 boston Oliver ditson and company 277 washington st boston. plate number 22803 pages 1-9. #26) Les Beautes del' Opera allemand francais et italian collection de Mosaiques pour le piano par Henri Cramer -op.109- Brunswick ,chez g.m. meyer jr. (henry litloff), store stamp says "c. breusing importer of music newyork engraved by a wehrt. - song is "La Vestale ' plate 1179 pages 1-11. #27) Trois Mazurkkas pour piano op.6 j. blumenthal boston published by G.P. REED & CO. 17 tremont row. plate number 1578 pages 1-5. #28) "Souvenir de Weber Fantaisie pour piano sur la opera PRECIOSA par Edouard WOLFF op.70 - boston henry tolman and company 291 washington st successor to russell and richardson. plate number 3673 pages 1-11. #29) piano forte album ad for oliver ditson and company boston ma 277 washington st . Le Crepuscule album eugene moniot plate number 20672 pages 1-7. #30) Piano pieces by N.W. Gade - Boston -russell & tolman 291 washington st the song "spring flower" plate 4147 pages 1-5 . I will answer all questions ! i take great pride in customer service.
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