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1/8 HP OEM American Standard Trane 825 RPM 200-230V, 48 FRAME MOT18688 MOT-18688 For Sale

1/8 HP OEM American Standard Trane 825 RPM 200-230V, 48 FRAME MOT18688 MOT-18688
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1/8 HP OEM American Standard Trane 825 RPM 200-230V, 48 FRAME MOT18688 MOT-18688:


BRAND NEW / OEM American Standard / Trane Motor...this is not a 10 year old , surplus item or repackaged part...this is a brand new OEM Motor with Manufacturer Warranty. These are brand new OEM components manufactured specifically for Trane and/or American Standard furnaces (determined by your model). If you have any questions whether or not this is the right part for your application...CONTACT US.

MOT-18688 / MOT18688
OEM Service First Trane MotorFeatures
    • 1/8 HP
    • 200-230/60/1
    • 825 RPM
    • CCW
    • 48 FRAME
    • SLEEVE Bearing
    • TYPE PSC , Uses (1) 5 Mfd Capacitor x 370 VAC (Sold Separately)
Replaces / Supersedes: MOT-10480 MOT10480 MOT-10514 MOT10514 MOT-12004 MOT12004 MOT-12215 MOT12215 MOT-13102 MOT13102 MOT13387 MOT-14328 MOT14328 MOT16687 MOT-16687 MOT16968 MOT-16968 MOT17918 MOT-17918 MOT-18688 MOT18688 5KCP39KFUA99S D159176P01 X70370245010 X70370245-01 5KCP39GGV570S and others. DON'T SEE YOUR MODEL LISTED...Contact Us!
    • Condition: Brand New , OEM AmStd / Trane Motor
    • Quantity: (1) Motor & Module as Shown

Tracking to be Provided w/Shipment!

Commonly Found in the Following American Standard / Trane Units: 2A6B3030A1000AA 2A6C3030A3000AA 2A6H3030A1000AA 2A6H4024B1000AA 2A6H5024A1000AA 2A6M3030A1000AA 2A7A4024B1000AA 2A7A5024A1000AA 2A7A5030A1000AA 2A7A5036A1000AA 2TTR4024A1000AA 2TTX4024B1000AA 2TTX5024A1000AA 2TTX5030A1000AA 2TTX5036A1000AA 2TWA3030A3000AA 2TWB3030A1000AA 2TWR3030A1000AA 2TWR4024A1000AA 2TWX4024B1000AA 2TWX5024A1000AA 4A6H4024B1000AA 4A6H4024B1000BA 4A7A4024B1000AA 4TTR4024A1000AA 4TTX4024B1000AA 4TWR4024A1000AA 4TWX4024B1000AA 2A6B3018A1000AA 2A6H3018A1000AA 2A6H4018B1000AA 2A6M3018A1000AA 2A7A3030A1000AA 2A7B3030A1000AA 2A7B3030A1000BA 2A7C3030A3000AA 2A7M3030A1000AA 2TTA3030A3000AA 2TTB3030A1000AA 2TTB3030A1000BA 2TTB3030A1000CA 2TTR3030A1000AA 2TWB3018A1000AA 2TWR3018A1000AA 2TWX4018B1000AA 4A6B3018A1000AA 4A6B3018A1000BA 4A6B3018B1000AA 4A6B3024A1000AA 4A6B3024A1000BA 4A6B3024B1000AA 4A6B3030A1000AA 4A6B3030A1000BA 4A6B3030B1000AA 4A6B4018E1000AA 4A6B4024E1000AA 4A6B4030E1000AA 4A6C3030A3000AA 4A6C3030A3000BA 4A6H3018A1000AA 4A6H3018A1000BA 4A6H3024A1000AA 4A6H3024A1000BA 4A6H3030A1000AA 4A6H3030A1000BA 4A6H5018E1000AA 4A6H5018E1000AB 4A6H5024E1000AA 4A6H5024E1000AB 4A6H5030E1000AA 4A6H5030E1000AB 4A6H5030E1000AC 4A6H5036E1000AC 4A6H6024B1000AA 4A6H6024C1000AA 4A6H6024C1000BA 4A6H6024E1000AA 4A6H6024E1000BA 4A6H6036E1000AA 4A7A3018A1000AA 4A7A3018A1000BA 4A7A3018D1000AA 4A7A3024A1000AA 4A7A3024A1000BA 4A7A3024D1000AA 4A7A3030A1000AA 4A7A3030A1000BA 4A7A3030D1000AA 4A7A3036A1000AA 4A7A3036B1000AA 4A7A3036B1000BA 4A7A3036D1000AA 4A7A4018C1000AA 4A7A4018C1000BA 4A7A4024C1000AA 4A7A4024C1000BA 4A7A4048C1000BA 4A7A5018E1000AA 4A7A5018E1000AB 4A7A5024E1000AA 4A7A5024E1000AB 4A7A6024E1000AA 4A7A6036E1000AA 4A7B3018A1000AA 4A7B3018A1000BA 4A7B3018D1000AA 4A7B3024A1000AA 4A7B3024A1000BA 4A7B3024D1000AA 4A7B3030A1000AA 4A7B3030A1000BA 4A7B3030D1000AA 4A7B3036A1000AA 4A7B3036B1000AA 4A7B3036B1000BA 4A7B3036D1000AA 4A7B4018E1000AA 4A7B4024E1000AA 4A7C3030A3000AA 4A7C3030A3000BA 4A7C3036A3000AA 4A7C3036A3000BA 4TTA3030A3000AA 4TTA3030A3000BA 4TTA3036A3000AA 4TTA3036A3000BA 4TTB3018A1000AA 4TTB3018A1000BA 4A6C4036A3000AA 4A6H4036G1000AA 4TWA4036A3000AA 4TWR4036G1000AA
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