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1952 Martin D-28 Brazilian Rosewood For Sale

1952 Martin D-28 Brazilian Rosewood

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1952 Martin D-28 Brazilian Rosewood:

Excellent + Condition, extraordinary sound. I have been playing old Martins for 50 years, starting in Greenwich Village in 1962, playing with, and living with many gifted musicians who were just as interested in tone as I was. It was easy to find great old D-28s and OOOs in those days, and we were constantly comparing guitars and trying to find the best. My very first guitar was a Martin 1867 O-28 in a black wood coffin case. Since those long gone days I have kept a few favorite guitars, always improving, always searching for even better gooduns. At 68, I do not need as much stuff in my life. I have sold many of my favorites: old Martins, Goodalls, Collings, Tippins, vintage Strats, etcI now just have my two best ones left. It was hard to decide which of the two was to go, but the other fits my style these days.

It is in wonderful, ready-to-play condition, with no work necessary, low to medium action. Excellent condition overall, some scratches, little dings and some finish crazing as expected from a vintage instrument, a small crack on the back (see photo) that was professionally repaired many years ago. Looks terrific:Professionally refinished many years ago -done carefully so as to not thin the top, a bit darker, deeper color than most, a product of both age and a darker finish. Looks great – a beautiful instrument in every way. I favor more beat-up looking instruments but I bought this for the great sound. Tuners and pick guard replaced at time of refinish. I tried to show all in photos but I made the mistake of polishing it just before taking the pictures, so – sorry for the less-than-studio-quality photos.

I’m mostly a fingerpicker and like a big, grand piano guitar sound even with lighter strings. That’s partly why the condition of the condition is so good: gentle treatment. With bluegrass strings, this is a serious banjo killer.

The world’s finest tonewoods: Brazilian rosewood, old growth spruce, ebony, and mahogany. Most of you already know this, but a little general info for those who may not: this master quality guitar was crafted from a grade of Brazilian rosewood luthiers unavailable today and aged together to perfection for 60 years. Brazilian Rosewood is that most rare tonewood, held in awe, spoken of with reverence for its deep, dark, warm, full sound, with gorgeous overtones.

Many great luthiers have tried to duplicate the sound of these amazing old Dreadnaughts. Martin has tried (mostly unsuccessfully) with some of its most expensive new guitars. But this guitar and its peers have something you cannot buy at any price: age. Guitars take years to mature and, if played, they continue to improve, like the great violins, now hundreds of years old. Even the finest new guitar is but a shadow of its mature self, and few match these old Martins. But every one of these vintage guitars is different. I’ve been fortunate to hear and play many. This one is special.

I ship within the Continental United States only. Please feel free to contact me. Comes with high quality hard case. Shipping with tracking and insurance costs $90 within the US and Canada. I use full size sturdy guitar boxes to pack and ship guitars. Payment by paypal or bank wire transfer. You can also pick up guitar and make payment in cash if you win this sale. I have this advertised locally. If it sells locally I will cancel the sale. US packing, shipping and insurance is $90. My return policy is that I allow returns if I have mistakenly described an item seriously inaccurately.

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