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Baker Company SterilGARD SG-250 Class II Type A/B3 Benchtop Hood - CALIBRATED For Sale

Baker Company SterilGARD SG-250 Class II Type A/B3 Benchtop Hood - CALIBRATED

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Baker Company SterilGARD SG-250 Class II Type A/B3 Benchtop Hood - CALIBRATED:

Bench-top design. Item measures approximately 33Lx27Wx53H (in inches).
Unit was calibrated on 5/11/2017. Serial number 48554.Recently decontaminated and removed from a working system.Includescertificate of decontamination.Recently removed from active serviceIn alaboratory. Good overall condition.Owner reported item to be fully operational.

Local pickup available or buyer is responsible toarrange for freight.

Freight instructions:

  • You can choose a freight company, such as FreightQuote.com or SekoLogistics.com to arrange a truck for you.
  • The truck will need a liftgate.
  • The item is located at our business address at Largo, FL 33771.
  • Pick up hours are between 9am and 3pm Eastern Standard Time.

Item shipping specifics:

  • Ships on a pallet. Shipping weight 450 lbs. Shipping dimensions 47x32x58".

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Baker SterilGard SG-250 Biological Safety Cabinet, Used

Class II, Type A (If Vented to outside Class II, Type B3)

This SterilGard SafetyCabinet is in excellent operational and cosmetic condition. The facility from where we acquired this unit was staffed by highly conscientious professionals who took great pride in the quality of their processes and the environment in which they worked. This is a very well maintained unit that is decontaminated, fully tested and ready for reliable daily use.

Main Features

Space Saving Efficiency:

The SterilGARD SG250 stands just 53-1/2 inches high, making it ideally suited for areas too small to accommodate standard size biological safety cabinets. Its 28 inch wide by 15-1/2 inches deep interior work surface provides maximum work area in minimum space.

Motor and Blower Capacity:

A motor/blower’s efficiency is measured by its ability to provide a nearly constant volume of air as resistance increases because of filter loading. As verified by a simulated filter loading test, the SterilGARD Baker Biosafety cabinet is capable of automatically handling a 65 percent increase in pressure drop across the filter without reducing total air delivery more than 10 percent. With the use of the manual speed control, a 165 percent increase in the pressure drop across the filter can be handled. The resulting long filter life means significant cost savings.


The side and rear walls of your SterilGARD’s work area are constructed from a single piece of 16 gauge stainless steel. The easy~to~clean 7/16 inch rounded corners prevent buildup of contaminants and resist corrosion.

Protective Screen:

Located under the work surface at the bottom and sides of the rear return air plenum, a protective screen is provided to help prevent wipes and other paper materials from being drawn into the blower system. This eliminates costly decontamination and downtime. It affords easy access to these waste materials and the screen should be kept free of them at all times.

All Metal Plenums:

The plenums of your used SterilGARD biosafety cabinet have been constructed of metal in order to provide strength, durability, air-tightness and resistance to deterioration.

Voltage Speed Control:

In order to prevent variation in fan speed and air volume caused by incoming voltage changes, a StediVOLT voltage compensating speed controller is provided in order to maintain the voltage reaching the motor at a constant level.

Stainless Steel Work Surface:

The work surface is constructed of corrosion-resistant 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Its “satin” finish diminishes light reflection. It is recessed to retain spills, and the 3/16 inch rounded corners make for easy cleaning.

Cabinet Exterior:

External construction is of 18 gauge cold-rolled steel, protected by a smooth white baked enamel finish.

Tested HEPA Filters:

Every filter is efficiency tested to be 99.99 percent effective at filtering particles greater than or less than 0.3 micrometers in size using the Dioctylphthalate (DOP) test. Every filter is scan tested to make sure that it is free of leaks.


The cabinet’s 1/4 inch safety plate glass vertical sliding viewscreen may be opened to 18 inches for placement of large items in the work area, and may be fully closed for system shutdown. The entire viewscreen assembly can be removed when necessary. When the used biosafety cabinet is operating and the viewscreen is not at its proper eight inch height, an audible alarm sounds. Alarm volume is adjustable.

Drain Valve:

Meeting NSF requirements for drainage in Class ll biological safety cabinets, a ball valve in your SterilGARD provides safe and effective drainage of the drain pan. If the cabinet mounts on an existing bench, the user has the option to remove the valve and replace it with a screw~on pipe cap. This will eliminate the need for access through the bench top. We recommend that this option be carefully considered before installation and that alternative cleanup procedures be developed if the option is chosen.


SterilGARD’s lighting system produces 80 foot candles of illumination at the work surface area. The removable fluorescent light is externally mounted to minimize heat buildup.

Air Balance:

Air balancing can be done by either or both of the following methods. However, it should be done only by a technician with proper training and equipment. A speed controller adjusts for voltage differences and filter loading. An adjustable damper compensates for differences in resistance of supply and exhaust filters if they are changed at a later date.

Easy Filter Access:

For convenience and ease of service, the supply and exhaust HEPA filters are loaded and removed from the front of' the cabinet without entry into SterilGARD’s work area. This is particularly helpful if the Baker biosafety cabinet is connected to an exhausted duct. Filters should be replaced by qualified technicians only.


  • Input: 115V, 1 Phase ~ 60 Hz
  • Receptacle: 7 Amp (controlled by a circuit breaker)
  • Power Cord: 10-foot power cord with a 15 Amp plug (NEMA 5-1513)
  • Blower Motor: (1625 RPM) 6.6 Amps
  • Lighting: Fluorescent, 0.7 Amps
  • Outlet: 7.5 Amps
  • Running Load: 14.8 Amps

Weight: 325 pounds. Shipping weight is 450 pounds.

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