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Complete Portable Surge Milker Milking Machine w/NEW Vacuum Pump & Instructions For Sale

Complete Portable Surge Milker Milking Machine w/NEW Vacuum Pump & Instructions

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Complete Portable Surge Milker Milking Machine w/NEW Vacuum Pump & Instructions:

Refurbished 50# Capacity Surge Milking Machine with NEW Vacuum Pump


International Buyersplease contact us BEFORE offerding for shipping cost.

Included in this package are the following:

~ Surge brand Stainless Steel Bucket Milker Unit

~ 110 Volt Portable Vacuum Pump

~ 8' Vacuum Line connecting vacuum pumpto bucket milker

~ Pulsator Oil

~ Inflation Cleaning Brush

~ Detailed, Easy-to-Follow Instructions for operation & cleaning

~ Phone & Email Support

~ Free Replacement Warranty (see warranty section below for details)


This is a Completely Rebuilt Surge Belly Pail Milker Machine. Please keep in mind, this has been previously used soit will have some surface scratches and a couple dings here and there (see stock photos). With extensions to the milk lines, this machine is designed to be used while sitting beside your milk cow, sheep orgoat. All four milk lines are built with versatility in mind using independent shut-off valves. This means that you can milk using all four lines at the same time or only one, twoor three - your choice! It also means that you can milk multiple animals at the same time!

Also included in this package is a portable rotary vane vacuum pumpwhich isBrand New. Vacuum pump comes built with all brass connections to give you the most life possible. After assembly of milking machine, using our detailed instructions, simply attach fittingsto the pump as also outlined in our easy-to-follow instruction manual, then connect vacuum hose between the pumpand the Surge Milking Pail,connect to110 volt electricity, flip the On/Off switch to On,and the machine is ready togo to work.

All parts have been cleaned & tested and allpulsator and vacuum adjustmentshave already been madeso as to be ready to go to work for you. I recommend a thorough cleaning and disinfecting before use.


We sell all machines as fully tested and in good quality working condition built to last you well for many years. Because of this, we stand behind your purchase of our machines with a full 120 day complete no hassles repair/replace warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason, your machine malfunctions within this time period, we will repair/replaceit at our discretionFREE OF CHARGE TO YOU. If you have problems with your machine after the 120 day warranty period, we offer all parts (and expert advice - FREE!!)needed to repairit to you at our cost.

**Free Shipping to the Continental United States Only**

All other locationsplease check with us about shipping before offerding!

Any other questions, please ask and we will be happy to be of any assistance that we can!

Positive 5-star*****response is expected from all sales. If for some reason, you feel you cannot leave 5-star positive response, please contact us so we can work out a solution.

Thanks for looking!!

About Us

If you are like me, I like to know a little bit about the person I make a purchase from so as to be assured of a quality transaction. Hi, my name is Marcus and I along with my wife,3 yearold son, andtwelve-week oldsonlive in the state of Illinois. My wife and I operate a couple small businesses with our focus geared to the service industry. I grew up using this type of a milker whileon thehome farmand since being married have continued to utilize the versatility and ease of operation provided by this type of milking machine. I can well remember the days of milking by hand during the bitter cold and also while in the dead heat of summer. I can also remember the day we built our first milking system and how I actually started to enjoy the morning and evening milking time instead of dreading it. I encourage you, if you are considering making the investment into a milking systemsuch as this one, it is well worthit. We found out it wasn't as hard to find someone to do chores for usif we were to go on vacation. It also freed up time for us to devote to other things.It has been a life saver in many ways forus and I'm sure itwillbe the sameto you. Over the years, I haveassisted several of ourfriends and family memberswith building theirown units and we have decided to share our love for these milking machines with you. Along with that, wehave started this projectas a way to help plan for our childen's future - the farmers of tomorrow.Our oldest son is justover3 year old but he LOVES to help his daddy with the cows.So, from our family to yours, thanks for looking and we wish you all the best in your endeavours in life!

Have a Great Day!!

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