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DISCOUNTED DYSON Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer (SPRAYED NICKEL) 120V; Minor Scratch For Sale

DISCOUNTED DYSON Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer (SPRAYED NICKEL) 120V; Minor Scratch

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DISCOUNTED DYSON Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer (SPRAYED NICKEL) 120V; Minor Scratch:

NEW DYSON Airblade V(Model HU02) Sprayed Nickel 110V/120V (Open Box Item)

SurfaceMounted ADA Compliant Grey Polycarbonate ABS Casing withAnti-Microbial Molded Additive

As a master distributor for Dyson, we daily ship the Dyson Airblade to construction contractors and Division 10 supply companies all over the country. And on occasion, our customers need to exchange the Airblades originally ordered for a different color or voltage. Because of the long-term relationships we have with these companies, we have at times accepted these units back (even after having been opened and briefly on a job site). In such cases, we can no longer sale the units as “new”. It truly is an "our loss is your gain" situation. For all practical purposes, this Airblade is "new" in looks and performance. This is not a refurbished unit; absolutely no repair was needed to them. It has never been installed and never used. It's only the ABS cover that's less thanpristine. The Dyson HU02 V in "Sprayed Nickel" (when a new, unopened box) retails for $849. We've taken $100 off this Airblade’s the lowest allowed advertised price and added free FedEx Ground Shipping to anywhere in the contiguous "lower 48" states.If not fully satisfied once you've received the unit, we'll provide a FedEx return label and a complete refund. For an application wherepristineaestheticsare not paramount, this discounted unit could be just what you're looking for. And if you need more than one, we may have additional HU02 V's with the same "new" condition. Let us know of your interest and we can send additional pictures specific to individual units.

Thenew Dyson Airblade V (Mod. HU02) is the first surface mounted ADAcompliant hand by Dyson. It provides that same drying performance andenergy efficiency as the original full-sized Airblade design but in acompact package 60% smaller. At only 4”thick, this ultra-compact and stylish design can be surface-mountedand still meet ADA compliance for 4” protrusion into a primarywalk-way or traffic corridor.With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit,installation is much less expensive and much less difficult. Likea squeegee made of air, the Airblade scrapes water from every creviceon the hand and gently dries more quickly and thoroughly than anyother hand dryer on the market. As the user places his hands underthe unit (without ever touching any surface), the infra-red sensorsdetects the hands. With the unique V-configuration, two thin sheetsof air traveling at 420mph scrape water from the each hand separatelyand simultaneously in just 12 seconds. Noother hand dryer has this patented Airblade technology. It is themost energy-efficient hand dryer on the market. The faster dry timemeans less electricity is used. And since no heating element isrequired, the Airblade consumes considerably less energy than warmair hand dryers that work on the concept of evaporation. Add intothis cost-saving equation the energy-efficient design of the fullyintegrated Dyson V4 Digital Motor (the exact same motor used in the full-sized AB-14 Airblade). Using digital pulse technology,this powerful brushless motor spins at an astonishing rate of 92,000times a minute (11,000 rpm faster than the previous generation ofmotors) while only requiring 1400 watts to do so. The Airblade motoris powerful enough to draw all of its air through a dense HEPA filterprior to ever touching the user’s hands - removing 99.97% of allbacteria from that air. (Estimated filter life is over 300,000cycles.) The air this unit returns to the washroom is actuallycleaner than the air it draws in. The vandal-proof Polycarbonate ABScasing is similar to the color molded bumpers found on today'sautomobiles. Even after a significant impact, the durable,scratch-resistant plastic bounces back to its original form free ofdamage. The same cannot be said of a metal cover. Although theAirblade is a touch-free operation, anti-microbial additives areadded to the “sprayed–nickel” paint. The Airblade V has alwayshad precisely tuned silencing technology integrated into the motorhousing and ducting to keep noise to a minimum (85dB). Eachunit comes with a5year parts warranty.Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. The Dyson Airblade V combines theperformance of the traditional Airblade in a compact package that ADArequires, all without the hassle or expense that a recessed unitnecessitates.

Please Note: This model (HU02 V) is alsoavailablein White.Other Dyson Airblade models (including the WD04 WASH+DRY,WD05 WASH+DRY,WD06 WASH+DRY, &AB-14 dB)arealso in stock for immediate shipping by this merchant; Please visit store "Allied Hand Dryer".

Dimensions:15 1/2in High x 9 1/4in Wide x 4in Deep; Weight:6.17lbs. (unpackaged)

WaterIngress Protectionrated to IP24

5-Year Limited Parts Warranty

ETLListed (inaccordance with UL507), GreenSpecListed, HACCP Certified, NSF Certified, ADA Compliant, andLEED Credit Eligible

FREESHIPPING via FedEx Groundto anywhere in the Contiguous United States.(This Model is notmanufactured for use in Canada.)

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