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DC24V Solar Powered Deep Well Submersible Water Pump Controller 120m Max For Sale

DC24V Solar Powered Deep Well Submersible Water Pump Controller 120m Max

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DC24V Solar Powered Deep Well Submersible Water Pump Controller 120m Max:


  • Name: Solar powered water pump
  • Model: 3.5FLD3-120-24-884
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Wide Operating Voltage: 18V-45V
  • Power: 884 W
  • Maximum Flow: 3 m3/h
  • Maximum Head: 120 m (393.7 ft)
  • Diameter of pump: 89mm (3.5inch)
  • Outlet Diameter: 32mm (1-1/4inch)
  • Standard Wiring: 1 m (3.28 ft)
  • Protection Class: IP6

The listing is aboutSolar Powered Water Pump 3.5FLD3-120-24-884. A complete range of accessories including 1m pure copper wire and the water pump with 32mm outlet. DC 24V 884W 3m3/h deep well pump can lift maximum 120m.


1. Wide working voltage: 18V-45V. The best working voltage of about 36V.
2. External MPPT controller which can make the best use of solar energy.
3. Over-voltage protection / Under-voltage protection: The pump will stop working automatically when the voltage is too high or too low; Then it will detect the voltage every 10 minutes, and it will start to work automatically when the voltage is between 18V-45V.
4. The pump can be directly connected to solar panels without battery in sunshine.

Kindly Tips

1. If the pump is only working in the sun, you can connect the solar panels directly.
2. If the pump also needs to work in the evening or rainy days, you also need to use the battery and the controller.
3. Due to the manual measurement,there might be some error.


Damage caused by the following is not covered by the warranty:
1. Do not mix the positive (+) and negative (-) connection.
2. Do not operate for long time when there is no water in the pump
3. The pump is submersible pump, it must be full submerged in the water.
4. Copper wire required. ( PS: 6 mm2 or 10 mm2 copper wire is required when the cable length is too long.)
5. The diameter of the pipe connected to the pump must bigger than 1 inch. Don’t block or bend the pipe/ intake/ outlet.


  • Solar powered water pump 3.5FLD3-120-24-884
  • DC 24V 884W 3m3/h
  • With 89mm inlet and 32mm outlet
  • Stainless steel body will not rust
  • Small size and easy to carry
  • Screw Pump
  • Maintenance-free with long life

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