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Please read all details below. Here is a quick summary:

  • Unless noted, item has not been tested, and condition is unknown. We offer a 30 day return from date of invoice for purchased equipment.

  • Questions: for the fastest response, contact us directly through our listing (find the link at the bottom left of the listing labeled "Ask a Question").

  • We can ship the item. We will provide quotes to locations in the domestic United States of America only. Our sales are through the United States of America only.

  • We charge a non-refundable handling fee. See details below. Rates start from $4.99 for UPS/USPS or freight starting at $29.99 for standard pallet size. Larger pallet sizes cost more.

  • We have multiple locations. The addresses for our locations are listed below.

  • Payments are through Payment Portal.

  • Storage/Abandonment: We offer 45 days of free storage. Beyond 45 days, it is considered abandoned, and no refunds will be provided.

  • Items are sold as pictured; we will not sell pieces or parts unless the whole item is purchased.

Please see below for full listing details.

Inventory 24HEU SPOT COOLING SYSTEM 09230620004
Model Number: 24HEU
Serial Number: 0250042240
Additional Information:

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    Return Policy:

    If for any reason you are not satisfiedwith your purchase, please return it within 30 days of the date of the order,freight pre-paid, for a full refund.

    Our return rate is well below 1%.Please ask questions. Assumptions can be costly.

    Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs;original shipping fees will not be refunded.

    HGR Industrial Surplus (HGR) sells all products as is. HGR makes no warranty,express or implied, and HGR expressly disclaims any warranty ofmerchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
    HGR's sole obligation pursuant to this orderis to deliver the goods to the buyer.
    HGR shall have no other obligation orliability, direct or indirect, of any kind, including liability for special,incidental or consequential damages. Prices are subject to change.


    Item is listedas "for parts, or not working" and item is sold “as is”. Anyconditional notes will be listed in the Additional Information section. .

    If for any reason you are not satisfiedwith your purchase, please return it within 30 days of the date of the order,freight pre-paid, for a full refund.

    ***Item is subject to prior sale***

    QUESTIONS: For the fastestresponse, please message directly through our listing.



    ·Shipping Policy

    o (a) Common Carrier Less Than Truckload (LTL)Freight and UPS Ground: HGR provides you with a competitive shipping rate via ourlogistics team. All shipments will be prepaid on HGR’s account.
    See our Handling Policy below for per-itemhandling charges associated with LTL shipments.

    o (b) Customer Pick Up: HGR will load items onyour vehicle free of charge (unless otherwise noted) but does not assist instrapping or securing the items.

    o (c) Truckload and Partial Truckload: HGR canassist you in setting up truckloads or partial truckload loads (flat bed, stepdeck, double drop, etc.). We will provide you with a competitive rate that isonly valid if prepaid on our account. If you have an account with a carrier andwish to use them, we can ship out freight collect via the carrier of yourchoice. HGR loads for free (unless otherwise noted), but does not assist instrapping or securing the items.

    o (d) Container: International shipments,whether prepaid or collect, will be assessed a $200 container loading fee thatconsists of blocking and bracing the items.

    o (e) International orders are subject toduties, taxes, and/or other import fees. In addition, HGR charges an exportservice fee equal to 5% (minimum of $25) of the item sales price. The customeris solely responsible for these fees, documents, and transportation if held ata customs office in the destination country. In the event that you havequestions about international shipping logistics, please message us on before purchase. We reserve the right to cancel any order.

    o (f) The U.S. government regulates exports ofU.S. products, technology, and software, including the movement of U.S. origincommodities between foreign countries. Controls are used to regulate the exportand re-export of dual-use items; items that have both a civilian and militaryapplication. These controls are in place to prevent the distribution ofdual-use items that can compromise national security. Certain HGR products maybe strictly controlled to prevent diversion to those interested inproliferating weapons of mass destruction or terrorist supporting entities.Penalties for violations of U.S. export control laws and regulations may beimposed by law. Diversion of any products contrary to United States law isprohibited.

    ·Handling Policy

    • HGRcharges a minimum $29.99 handling fee for all items that need to beprepared for a Common Carrier LTL shipment. This handling charge is forthe skid, stretch wrap, and securing the item to the skid. This handlingfee is skid based at $29.99 per skid, with the skid being 40″ x 48″. Skidsoversized will be subject to an additional charge. UPS or boxed handlingfees start at $4.99. Please ask your favorite sales representative forspecific handling rates.


    If a purchase is less than 75 poundsand fits into a box we have in stock, then it may be able to go throughUPS. We charge a non-refundable handlingfee starting at $4.99 and up for our professional packaging. We will provideyou with the costs usually within 1 business day of purchase. Packing mayinclude bubble wrap, packing paper, insta-foam packaging, or other forms ofprotection for securing the item.

    We do not ship Fed Ex ground orDHL. We can not use other UPS accountsother than our own.

    At HGR’s discretion, for items that aredeemed bulky and/or heavier than 75 pounds, we will not ship UPS. We requirefreight shipping to reduce the chance of damages. If this impacts the buyer’spurchase, we will cancel order at no penalty.

    Less-Than-Truck (LTL) Freight:

    Following your purchase, we willprovide you with a shipping & handling quote. All common carrier freightand UPS ground shipments are shipped on our account, no exceptions.

    ***Prior to signing any paperwork, i.e.a BOL, it is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect all freight for damages. Inthe event you determine anything is damaged, you have two options – 1.) Signthe BOL as damaged and deny the freight and it will be returned to HGR for arefund, or 2.) Sign the BOL as damaged and accept that the carrier is onlyliable for 10 cents per pound and that will be the max you will receive back.In either case, please take as many pictures of the damages as possible andmake notes of the damages. HGR is not liable for any damages caused bycarriers.***

    PAYMENT: Payments must bereceived within 7 days, 1 calendar week, of HGR providing shipping details.

    We use the payment portal forpayments.

    handles tax exemptions.

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