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Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1 Marine Grade Wire Wrap Adhesive Glue Lined Waterproof For Sale

Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1 Marine Grade Wire Wrap Adhesive Glue Lined Waterproof

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Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1 Marine Grade Wire Wrap Adhesive Glue Lined Waterproof:

Are you looking to fix a damaged wire, seal out moisture, or provide enhanced strain relief? waterproof heat shrink tubing is an easy to use solution that can be used in automotive, marine, hobby RC, and home electrical wiring projects.What Can Heat Shrink Tube Do?
Cable splices and ring connectors are a common feature of electrical applications. But unreliable sealing quality often makes these connection points susceptible to corrosion. adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tubing solves this problem with an innovative solution.What Can Heat Shrink Tube Do?
What is it good for?
Industrial adhesive lined shrink tubing offers excellent protection for electronic components, wire splices, wire bundles and harness breakouts. Automotive, truck and marine wiring splices and harness breakouts are quickly and easily protected from harsh environments.
Use heat shrink tubing lined with adhesive to seal and protect cable splices and wiring connections and give them an extra layer of protection – especially from abrasion and liquids.
Feature:3:1 SHRINK RATIO - Recovers to 1/3 of its original diameter, and makes a tight seal. Eliminates the problem of 2:1 tubing not shrinking tight enough.
GLUE INSIDE - When heat is applied, adhesive comes out and seals the connection. This creates waterproof and long-lasting insulation.
EASY TO USE - Simply slide heat shrink tube over your connection point and apply heat. Make professional insulated connections in seconds.
DUAL WALL TUBING - Provides enhanced protection from wear and tear. Industrial grade tubing is resistant to fluids, heat, and mechanical stretch.
SHRINK TUBING DIAMETER - Get the exact diameter you need. we have enough of shrink tubing will last through many projectsWhy choose our ?
-Electrical insulation (wire repairs, insulating electrical terminals wires, protecting charging cables, insulating solder joints)Environmental seal to protect from moisture, UV and fuel Strain relief for electrical terminalsIdentifying wires and cables (color-coding)Grouping loose wires (usually in wire harnesses)Creating thermal insulation for heat sensitive componentsProtecting surfaces against abrasion, peeling, and denting3:1 Shrink Ratio Shrink Tube

-When heat is applied, this wire shrink wrap tubing will recover to a 1/3 of its original diameter. Its high recovery ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors. Therefore, 3:1 shrink ratio tubing can be used in significantly more applications compared to 2:1 shrink ratio tubing. Additionally, 3:1 marine heat-shrink tubing shrinks around wires and terminals more tightly, eliminating any air gaps.

-Heat Activated Adhesive Lining
This is a waterproof shrink tubing with the internal adhesive layer. When heat is applied, shrink tubing recovers and the internal adhesive layer melts. A small fillet of clear adhesive (about 1 mm wide) becomes visible at the end of the heated tubing. When cooled down, it forms a rigid seal. Heat activated glue strongly adheres to wires, terminals or any other surfaces. When adhesive flows, it pushes the air out and fills any gaps between the wire and the tubing, which makes the connection waterproof. For best results we recommend using a heat gun.

-Dual Wall Shrink Tubing
Dual wall marine grade heat shrink tubing provides better rigidity and abrasion resistance. Dual wall tubing design has the increased ability to stand up to wear and tear. This wire heat shrink tubing is flame retardant.

-UL Listed
This industrial grade heat shrinkable tubing is UL listed and is compliant with all relevant electrical standards such as: SGS, RoHS.Our Collection of Heat Shrink Tubingassorted heat shrink tubing comes in kits as well as 50 Ft rolls. We offer a great variety of sizes (3/32” to 2”) and colors (black, red, white, blue, clear).

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