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Jandel RM3000 Multiposition 4 Point For Sale

Jandel RM3000 Multiposition 4 Point

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Jandel RM3000 Multiposition 4 Point:

Jandel RM3000 Test Unit

The RM3000 Test Unit is a specialty electronics instruments designed specifically for the four point probe measurement. It features high accuracy, an excellent range, and many features which simplify the four point probing measurement. Jandel RM3000 Test Unit with PC Software

Combined Constant Current Source and Digital Voltmeter Designed

Specifically for the Four Point Probe Measurement

The following are features of the RM3000 Test Unit:

The sheet resistance range of the RM3000 Test Unit is from 1 milliohm-per-square (10^-3) up to 5 x 10^8 ohms-per-square with 0.3% accuracy. The volume resistivity range is from 1 milliohm-cm (10^-3) up to 10^6 ohms-cm, however, that resistivity range refers to measuring a bulk material directly as opposed to measuring a thin film and converting to volume resistivity using the software. For example, a thin layer of copper (1.68 x 10^-6 ohm-cm) up to about 16 microns thick can be measured. The RM3000 can determine the volume resistivity value if one enters the film thickness.

The RM3000 PC control software which can be downloaded online and used for measurement logging (storing data in CSV format) and can save measured values as sheet resistance or volume resistivity.

The RM3000 display reads-out the input current as well as either ohms-per-square (sheet resistance), ohms-cm (volume resistivity), or millivolts, without requiring the use of the included PC software. The volume resistivity readout requires entering thickness for a wafer or thin film, or tip spacing if measuring a bulk sample.

The RM3000 has onboard non-volatile memory so that up to 50 measurements can be stored internally and then downloaded and saved all at one time using the software. Alternately, each measurement can be saved to a PC as it is made using the included software.

The RM3000 has an auto-range button that can be used to automatically determine the optimum input current for a given material without using the trial and error method.

The RM3000 has forward (FWD) and reverse (REV) buttons to reverse the direction of current flow. A common way to determine if a measurement is valid is to reverse the direction of current flow and then check to see if the forward and reverse voltage readings correlate well, i.e., the values should be similar, but with the reverse current voltage being a negative value.

The RM3000 allows the input of a correction factor for samples that need to be corrected for size.

The RM3000 has a date and time stamp feature

The RM3000 interfaces with optional AFPP motorized Z-motion arm

SPECIFICATIONS: Superior Current Source

10nA to 100mA (99.999mA) current source selectable in steps to 3 decimal place resolution

Current set numeric keypad

4 default preset current programs (user programmable)

Superior Inbuilt DVM

Input Impedance 1,000,000,000,000 ohms

Input Bias current 4pA

DVM 1300mV range and 130mV range

130mV accuracy

0.2% +/- 5uV resolution (10uV or 1uV) range

1300mV accuracy 0.2%+/-100uV resolution

100uV Ohms/Square

Rapid Zeroing null function for DVM


28 Key high quality Keypad

16×2 line LCD Display for simultaneous indication of Set Current and either Ohms/Sq or mV

Auto-Ranging capability to determine the optimum input current based upon the material being measured.

Intuitive operation

Microprocessor controlled

Reduced Footprint

Robust Attractive ABS Case

Accurately measures down to 10’s of milliohms/square without external meter

4mm socket facility to connect an external meter

RS232/USB connectivity for control and for collecting data in CSV format

Automatic compliance voltage limit protects your sample which reduces maximum voltage as higher currents are set 5-40V

Warning messages when compliance limit is reached, or DVM input exceeded

Self test facility

Flash upgradeable software

CE Marked

AD/DA converters and amplifiers for the DVM and setting the Current source and DVM, are Burr Brown 110V or 240V operation (selectable)

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