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Kyocera Thermoelectric Cooling Module Part #12016896A (High-end Applications) For Sale

Kyocera Thermoelectric Cooling Module Part #12016896A (High-end Applications)

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Kyocera Thermoelectric Cooling Module Part #12016896A (High-end Applications):

Kyocera International, Inc. today introduced a compact, highly reliable thermoelectric cooling module specifically engineered for use in medical devices, scientific instruments, high-performance batteries, and other applications likely to encounter the most difficult active-thermal-management requirements.

To support new medical advances, Kyocera’s thermoelectric modules can be used in the latest diagnostic, testing and analysis equipment requiring temperature-controlled blood, specimen, or liquid media, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) thermal cyclers. Kyocera’s modules can also supply the highly precise heating necessary to amplify the segment of DNA.

Compared to conventional Peltier-type cooling devices, Kyocera’s new product achieves both a doubled lifespan and a 2.5x-faster cooling speed. These advantages also make it an ideal solution for climate-controlled automotive seats, EV battery thermal management, and other situations that require high quality and lengthened endurance.

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