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Nuaire NU-S425-600 LabGARD Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Hood - CALIBRATED For Sale

Nuaire NU-S425-600 LabGARD Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Hood - CALIBRATED

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Nuaire NU-S425-600 LabGARD Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Hood - CALIBRATED:

SP60 Series

Includes stand.Item measures approximately53 L x 32 W x 63 H(in inches).

Unit was calibrated on 5/11/2017. Serial number 141265111610. Vintage 2010.Recently decontaminated and removed from a working system.Includescertificate of decontamination.Recently removed from active serviceIn alaboratory. Good overall condition.Owner reported item to be fully operational.

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TheNuAire LabGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-425 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinetsare designed for laboratory safety, proper ergonomics, and energy efficiency at an affordable cost. Built with monolithic pressure tight construction, the cabinets have been tested in laboratory extremes to ensure maximum protection. Models available from GMI are the2-ft. NU-425-200,3-ft. NU-425-300,4-ft. NU-425-400, and6-ft. NU-425-600.

Designed for streamlined operation, theLabGard NU-425 biosafety cabinetsfeature an essentials control system. The controls include simple switches that control the blower, lights, and outlets, a Minihelic® gauge that measures plenum performance, and an Attenumount™ vibration control system for extraordinary attenuation of sound and vibration. Moreover, the cabinets are equipped with a highly efficient, energy-saving motor/blower to increase filter life and cut electricity costs, improving the total value of ownership.

Ergonomics is also employed in theLabGard NU-425to reduce user fatigue and/or arm/neck/shoulder strain. The NuAire cabinet model provides maximum knee/thigh clearance, an adjustable base stand, a heavy-duty plastic armrest, and a large work area. Additionally, the cool white lighting reduces glare allowing for greater visibility.

Other superior advantages of the NU workstation include the TruLaminar Airflow that provides unidirectional airflow moving along parallel flow lines at a constant velocity, and the HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System that provides positive pressure chambers and ducts surrounded by negative pressure to eliminate any potential leaks.

NU-425-600Style of CabinetBench top/console with optional base standSash Height10" (254 mm) / 8" (203 mm)Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) in. [mm]53 x 32 x 63 (1362 x 835 x 1600)Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) in. [mm]46 x 23 ½ x 28 ½ (1178 x 597 x 724)Weight500 lbs. / 227 kg.Inflow Velocity105 fpm (.53 m/s)Downflow Velocity60 fpm (0.30 m/s)Work Access Opening in [mm]10(254) / 8(203) openingHeat Rejected, BTU, Per Hour (non-vented)1937Heat Rejected, BTU, Per Hour (vented)1162Sound Pressure Level 10(254) / 8(203) openingLight Intensity foot-candles (LUX)90 - 120 (968 - 1291)

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