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Professional TUBA Sheet Music Archive CD PDF For Sale

Professional TUBA Sheet Music Archive CD PDF

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Professional TUBA Sheet Music Archive CD PDF:

The Clarinet Institute ProfessionalTuba Sheet Music Collection

The Clarinet Institute is the international repository of archivedTuba music. This is the entire holdings of the Institute'sTuba PDF archives.

Music for solo Tuba,Tuba and Piano, duets, and tuba quartets. . . . This archive contains a special collection of pieces specially arranged for Tuba Quartet. Start with 2 Tubas. Then add 2 euphoniums or baritones. Got a baritone, but only trumpet players around? No problem! We have added extra parts to our arrangements so that the Baritone/Euphonium parts can also be read in treble clef and transposed for Bb instruments. Now, any trumpet player can pick up a euphonium or baritone and join your group!

This is the most comprehensive collection ofTuba music on the web. Several thousand pages of music have been scanned into digital format. Note:This is not just a cheap collection of scores. Every piece comes with seperate parts foreach instrument.

The composers, arrangers andthe publisherof the music on thisCD have givenyou permission to use this music freely forconcerts and recitals and your own personal use. This is a LIFETIME of music forTuba . . . . . it will takes months... no... years to play through this collection.

Beware of cheap imitations! Other sellers have attempted to copy our listings, but they do not have our quality or our vast library and they do not update their disks. Only ORIGINAL Clarinet Institute disks are regularly updated. We at the Clarinet Institute are music archivists. . . That's what we do!In addition, this collection contains a huge collection of musicspecially published by Clarinet Institute staff composers and arrangersfor solo Tuba, Tuba and piano, duet,and Tuba quartet. These pieces are written by and for the Clarinet Institute and are not available anywhere else!

Finally, you have something interesting to play for your recital!BringTuba music to your community. Start a Tuba quartetand give concerts!

Here is a breakdown of this immense collection:

183 pieces for solo Tuba

40 duets

19 works for Tubaquartet

There are over133 pdf files for Tuba! All on one CD and all in Adobe PDF format.

All Institute disks are professionally manufactured and printed with beautiful covers. This disk makes the ideal gift for anyTuba player!

Here is asampling of the collection:

Tubaand Piano
Albeniz - Tango
Albinoni, Tomaso - Sonata, Op. 6 No. 3
Arban - Carnival of Venice for Tuba
Asafiev - Scherzo
Bach - Bouree
Bach - Prelude No. 8
Bartok - An Evening in the Village
Bellini, Vincenzo - Salve Regina
Berlin, A. - Ballade
Biosca - Blau de Blaus
Bizet - Minuet from L'arlesienne
Blazhevich - Concerto
Blazhevich - Miniature No. 7
Boyce - Voluntary No. 2
Brahms - Vergebliches Standchen
Breval - Cello Sonata in C (1st Mvmt.)
Burgmuller - Arabesque
Burshtin, M. - Legend
Chopin - Prelude No. 6
Chopin - Etude Op 10 No 3
Chopin - Waltz Op 34 No 2
Debussy - Fantoches
Diero - Kismet
Donizetti - Una Furtiva Lagrima
Dvarionas - Theme and Variations
Dvorak - Song to the Moon
Eccles - Bass Sonata in G minor
Elgar - Serenade from the Wand of Youth
Faria, Pedro - Fantasy for Tuba and Piano
Faure - Dan les ruines d'une abbaye
Faure - Berceuse
Gershwin - I Got Rhythm
Glinka - Romance
Gounod - Melodies from Faust
Handel - Bouree
Handel - Largo from Xerxes
Handel - Violin Sonata No. 1 arr for Tuba
Hummel - Trumpet Concerto arr. for Tuba and Piano
Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag Tuba
Kalinnikov - Chanson Triste
Kozma - Autumn Leaves tuba
Kreisler - Liebeslied
Kronke - Hunting Piece No 1
Lebedjew - Tuba Concerto
Leclair - Aria
Leonov - Concert Study
Marcello - Largo and Allegro
Martielli - Dialogue
Massenet - Elegy in B minor
Massenet - Meditation from Thais
Moraes, Renato - Tuba Concerto No 1
Moraes, Renato - Tuba Concerto No 2
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto 2nd Mvmt
Mozart - Horn Concerto No. 2 (1st Mvmt)
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1st Mvmt
Pachelbel - Canon in D
Rachmaninov - Elegie
Rimsky-Korsakov - The Snow Maiden
Rimsky-Korsakov - Trombone Concerto (1st Mvmt)
Rossini - Largo al Factotum
Rubinstein - Chanson
Rubinstein - Romance
Sacchini - Dardanus' Aria
Saint-Saens - Morceau de Concert
Saint-Saens - Romance for Horn, Op. 36, arr. for Tuba and Piano
Schubert - Serenade for Tuba and Piano
Shostakovich - Introduction and Dance
Smirnova - Sonata
Strukov - Tuba Concerto
Tchaikovsky - Chanson Triste
Tchaikovsky - Neapolitan Dance from Swan Lake
Tonius - Blues zur Blauen Tunde
Varelas, Dmitriy - Andante and Scherzo
Verdi - Caro Nome
Verdi - Non t'accostare all'urna
Vivaldi - Sonata
Weber - Adagio
Zverev - ConcertinoTuba Solo
Arban - Interval Exercise
Bach, J.S. - Cello Suite BWV 1010 Allemande
Bach, J.S. - Flute Partita BWV 1013 Allemande
Bach, J.S. - Flute Partita BWV 1013 Courrente
Bach, J.S. - Flute Partita BWV 1013 Sarabande
Bach, J.S. - Flute Partita BWV 1013 Bouree
Bader - Durlogue
Blazhevich - 70 Studies for Tuba Book 1
Blazhevich - 70 Studies for Tuba Book 2
Burshtin Suite for Tuba Solo
Debussy - Syrinx, arranged for Tuba
Ekimovskiy Two Pieces for Tuba Solo
Feiler -5 Pieces for Tuba Solo
Hilprecht - 4 Variations on an Old Melody
Kochan - Monolog
Persichetti - Serenade No. 12
Plante - Romance for Solo Tuba
Vasiliev 24 Melodic Studies Duets
Bach - Bouree from the English Suite No. 1
Bach - Gavotte from the English Suite No. 6
Bach - Gigue from the English Suite No. 2
Bach - Bouree from Orchestra Suite, BWV 1066
Bach - Courante from Orchestra Suite, BWV 1066
Bach - Little Fugue in G Minor
Beethoven - Allegro and Minuet
Besozzi - Duet No. 3
Bordet, Toussaint - The Hunt
Joplin - The Entertainer
Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk
Marcello - Allegro from the Sonata Op. 2 No. 3
Mazas - Concertante
Moreley, Thomas - I go before my darling
Mozart - Vivat Bacchus, Baccus Lebe from Seraglio
Olivadoti, Joseph - Red Rose Polka
Quantz - Duet Op. 2, No. 1
Rodrigo - Girardillo
Rossini - William Tell arranged for 2 Tubas
Shayne - Do you hear what I hear
Star Wars - Imperial March
Telemann - 6 Canonic Sonatas (18 canons)
Wise, Michael - Old Chiron Thus Preached

Tuba Quartets
(2 Tubas, 2 Euphoniums/Baritoneswith optional transposed parts in Treble Clef)

Banchieri - Fantasia Secunda
Berlin - Putting on the Ritz
Brahms - Hungarian Dance to Mp3
Brahms - Serenade Minuet to Mp3
Byrd - Callino Casturame
Byrd - O Magnum Mysterium
Caccini - Amarilli
Castello, Dario - Sonata Decima Quinta
Cohan - You're a Grand Old Flag to Mp3
Costeley - La Prise de Calais
Delibes - Flower Song from Lakme
Dvorak, Antonin - Gloria from the Mass in d minor, Op. 86
Hassler - Canzon in G
Haydn - The Heavens are Telling Listen to Mp3
Mancini - Moon River
Praetorius - Wie Schon
Stalling - Looney Tunes Melody
Sullivan - I'm Called Little Buttercup
Tchaikovsky - Marziale from Symphony No. 2 Listen to Mp3

Many of our arrangements are copyrighted by our individual staff arrangers. We are very active in protecting our copyrights. If you see any ofour pieces listed anywhere else, please contact us. Notice to other sellers: All music we sell contains our logo and trademark. WE ACTIVELY PROSECUTE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS!

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