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Reborn Zuri ~AA A/A Ethnic Prototype Milaine Baby Girl by Brooke Nicole For Sale

Reborn Zuri ~AA A/A Ethnic Prototype Milaine Baby Girl by Brooke Nicole

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Reborn Zuri ~AA A/A Ethnic Prototype Milaine Baby Girl by Brooke Nicole:

Zuri Skai

Prototype Milaine kit by Evelina Wosnjuk

Weight: 6 pounds, 5 ounces

Length: 18 inches (bent legs)

Head circumference: 12.5 inches

Fine wispy black curls & painted hair line

Fancyhand-painted, textured skin coloring

Huggable, doe suede body & tummy plate

Hand-sculpted tear duct & onyx brown eyes

Realistically painted fingernails and toenails

Three-quarter vinyl limbs

Feels just like a real, cuddly heavy newborn

Upscale boutique clothing & layette items

Hello and welcome to my listing! Please allow me to reintroduce myself after taking a three year break from selling reborn dolls on . My name is Brooke Nicole. I am a bubbly, 30 year-old photographer, doll collector and doll artist from Virginia. Ethnic reborn dolls have been my area of expertise since 2001.

Today, I am delighted to present Zuri Skai for your adoption consideration.Guided by an artistic ability, both acquired and intuitive, I spent several weeks blissfully crafting Zuri into a one-of-a-kind portrayal of an ethnic, bi-ethnic, multiracial "black American" or "African-American (AA or A/A)" baby girl. Zuri is based on the detailed Milaine prototype kit sculpted by master sculptress, Evelina Wosnjuk.

Supreme art materials were used in Zuri's creation. She is an heirloom-quality bundle of kissable art, who wishes to be adopted and proudly treasured by a loving mommy.

Few words can express the frenzy I experience when I lay eyes on a blank canvas. Zuri arrived to me as an unpainted, blank doll kit. Once I developed an artistic vision for her, I immediately whipped out my assortment of trusty paint brushes and diligently hand painted herCacao Silk skin tone.Representing the spectrum of brown ethnic skin tones, Cacao Silk is my original milk chocolate brown skin tone, that features sepia undertones and burgundy overlays.

Zuri's skin tones flaunt exceptional coloring variations! Her carefully arranged shadows feather directly into her prismatic midtones, displaying a flawless multi-dimensional effect. Subtle turquoise veins and crimson red capillaries are strategically painted beneath her sprinkle of skin mottling, giving the illusion of a circulatory system. Her majestic chestnut shading, immaculate saffron highlights, and dewy textured skin will make her a stand-out addition to any doll collection.

{Rooted Upper Lashes, tear duct, textured skin lines,
pores & baby tears. She has just finished crying. :)}

Zuri's photographs were taken in natural sunlight at different times of the day. Each photo accurately represents her coloring. The sunlight loves to dance around her painted shadows making her overall coloring appear lighter, darker, reddish, or even golden depending on the available light. Her vinyl 'skin' behaves just as real brown skin does. She is extremely photogenic just like a real baby! :)

As a dedicated artist, I am constantly striving to offer collectors the fancy, colorful babies they deserve! :) Take a peek at three exciting ethnic painting techniques I have developed and perfected:

BN's Eboni Satin ©

Based on the fundamentals of decoupage, this original technique produced a well blended, dewy finish for Zuri's skin.

BN's Neapolitan Chiaroscuro V.2 ©

My personal version of this classic art technique allows light to bounce off key areas of Zuri's skin, for a maximum three-dimensional appearance.

BN's Cocoa Gradient V.2 ©

This leading edge t-zone coloring enhancement centers ambient light to create symmetry and accentuate Zuri's facial structure.

Zuri's hands and feet are utterly adorable! Not only are they chubby and precious, they are also masterfully colored. I adore the ebony pigmentation on her little knuckles and toes. The palms of her hands and soles of her feet showcase realistic rosy tints and highly intricate veining. Her tiny nail beds are impeccably manicured with dazzling magenta hues and glossy, protective lacquer. If you look closely, you can see lines and pores on her skin.

My closely guarded painting techniques require a great deal of time and patience. I always use photos of real, ethnic babies (mostly family members) as guides when creating my works of art. Every inch of Zuri's coloring was achieved using durable, artist quality, heat-set paints.

{Skin texture lines & pores and painted umbilical cord stump}

Zuri has open nostrils, a soft spot (fontanelle) on top of her head, and the prettiest onyx-brown eyes I have ever seen! Her eyes have a magnetic twinkle her new mommy is sure to love. I can't get enough of her thick painted eyebrows and feathery, rooted eyelashes. They really compliment the glistening baby tears on her newborn peepers. There is also a realistic pink tear duct on her right eye!

Zuri's lips are surely one of her hallmark features. Her little pout not only boasts sophisticated tonal distinctions, but alsoapeony-colored glow surrounded by adeep brown contrast. Her tiny ears show a splendid medley of painted veins, capillaries and dark brown pigmentation. No detail was overlooked on this pretty baby girl!

{Baby-fine ringlets are so much fun to play with! :)}

Double strands of mohair are securely threaded through Zuri's vinyl scalp. Her hair is so sparse, you can see her little scalp peeking through her ringlets. Her softly painted hair line swirls and effortlessly blends intoher fine curlicues.

Zuri'smohair needs to be cared for and styled just like a real baby's hair. Her hair density is super fine/sparse, and can be gently brushed and combed. It responds best to water, paraben-free leave-in conditioners, and alcohol-free sculpting gels. Zuri's hair is dry in every photo. The gel allows the hair to retain a wet look in its dry state.

Not only does Zuri look real, but she feels real too! She is the size of a real 5 day-old infant measuring approximately 18 inches long and weighing in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces. Her soft torso is made of white doe suede. She is professionally weighted with plastic pellets, steel pellets and huggable clouds of polyester filling. Her limbs are filled with extra fine, granulated glass. The feel of the packed granulated glass mimics human bone and tissue.

Zuriis very squishy and cuddly, just like a real baby. She is also very poseable. Her head turns easily from side to side, and needs support when she is held.

{Lovin' that paci :)}

The best part of collecting life-like dolls is shopping for real infant clothing at consignment shops, department stores and swanky boutiques! Zuri wears 'newborn' sized clothing and size 0 baby shoes. Her three-quarter vinyl arms and legs make shoppinga breeze!

Zuri will arrive home wearing the velour, designer brand, strampler and coordinating top she is wearing in the photos. It is such a beautiful peach outfit and perfect for spring! Shewill also bring a pair of designer pajamas, a pink and white swaddle blanket, an adorable, plush bear, two disposable diapers, a magnetic pacifier, and a brush and comb set. A pretty gold baby bracelet will be attached to a colorful birth certificate complete with my logo and signature.

{Hungry baby, nom nom :) :)}

Zuri's shipping costs are free of charge. Her adoption fee must be made via PayPal. She will ship within three business days of payment receipt as I need time to gift wrap her for mommy. Payment should be received within 12 hours of sale end.

I am offering an 18 month layaway for Zuri. The winning buyer should forward a minimum deposit of $850 within 12 hours of sale end. The payment schedule is entirely up to mom, as long as the balance is paid off within 18 months. Easy, peasy. :)

Believe me when I say I live by precision and excellence when it comes to doll making. My babies are showered with fine details and pure artistic love. Zuri's description is 100% accurate, and you will not be disappointed if you adopt her. She is a pretty little princess for sure!

Zuriis not a toy and is intended for an adult doll collector. She was created in a smoke-free, pet friendly home. Only items stated in the listing will be sent home with her. Her head contains a strong magnet that should not be taken around pacemakers of other electronics. Thank you for visiting my listing and have a great day!

Content and graphics © Copyright 2002-2013 Brooke Nicole Photography & Dolls.

All Rights Reserved.

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