Radiant Heating Options

As you look at heating options for your home, it’s always good to check into a few different systems in order to find something that will be suit your particular situation, as well as your budget. The good news is that there have been a few advancements since the original days of just oil burners and wood stoves. Many options are available now that can work within a variety of different situations whether you are looking at a new build or renovating an existing home or office.

Radiant heating can be one option that might work well for your home without costing a fortune. As far as radiant heating options go, you can have different systems including wall, floor, and overhead systems. Each serves different purposes which are outlined below:

• Overhead radiant heating: these units are more often used in larger commercial buildings such as a warehouse or a sports center. They work well if there is not a lot of floor space as they are, as the name indicates, installed overhead in the ceiling or suspended just below the ceiling. They can crank out a lot of heat and are quite efficient.
• Floor and wall radiant heating: Regarding these systems, there are a few different varieties depending on what will work for your space. You can use a system that is air-heated or electric. With floor heating, you will have to install heating coils or water heated tubing beneath the flooring surface. The heat is generated through either of those two ways and actually warms the floor. Imagine getting up in a cold winter morning and standing on a nice cozy warm floor! With wall-based heaters, they use the same systems but they are generally more efficient to heat the room than floor ones.

Radiant heat systems work differently than other regular heating systems, in that they don’t just heat all the air around them, they heat either the floor or the ceiling or the wall so that in fact, they ensure that they maintain a more consistent temperature in the room.

So if you are considering a new build, or a renovation, it can be worth your while to look into a radiant heat system. It will be more costly to install a floor radiant system for example if you are looking at an already existing home. To install this kind of home heating system, you will have to remove the entire existing flooring, install either the heating coils or tubing, then replace the flooring again. The costs of these renovations though do usually make their own money back in time, as a radiant heating system is generally a less expensive and more efficient way of heating your home than some of the other more traditional home heating systems on the market today.

So you think never having cold feet again is a worthwhile goal to aim for, then definitely doing more research into a floor radiant heating system for your home is probably a good investment of time and money for you in the long run.

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